Cafe One Asian Fusion

Cafe One Asian Fusion is a where east meets west offering local specialties, European culinary delights. In a relaxing yet casual setting all day dining restaurant featuring a scrumptious buffet setup.


Enjoy a wide selection of authentic Indonesian dishes accompanied with our new country live band at Cafe One Asian Fusion starting April every Saturday Night from 18:00 hrs – 22:30 hrs.

Try our Indonesian Kampoeng Cuisine such as Nasi Liwet, Karedok leunca, Lotek, Daging gepuk, Ayam bakakak, Sate domba, Goreng jengkol ngora and many more!

IDR 295.000++ per person

Book Now at +62 21 828 2000 or


Bring your Family or friends along and enjoy a scrumptious selection of Shabu – Shabu items ALL YOU CAN EAT only at Cafe One Asian Fusion Restaurant.

Daily open 18:00 hrs – 22:30 hrs. Location at B1

IDR 220.000++ per person

Book Now at +62 21 828 2000 or


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Daily open now 06:00 hrs – 22:00 hrs

Discount 50%
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Order Now at +62 21 828 2000 or