Jakarta, January 15, 2020 –  There are only few companies or associations that care about and be environmental friendly and still counted as discourses. However, the discourse that has always been echoed by many parties will begin to be realized through the prohibition of disposable plastic bags in shopping centers by DKI Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan, starting in the middle of this year.

This policy is in line with the vision of the company or agency that has begun to care for the environment earlier. One of them is Wyndham hotel and resort chain, which has implemented an environmental friendly tourism business long ago.

“We call it as the concept of sustainability. There are three aspects: business, environment, and social. Business because we have to make a profit. But on the other hand, how to generate profits by helping to preserve the surrounding environment. The impact generated for social, it’s common interests. It’s a sustainable business concept, not only about profit but also empower the environment,” said General Manager of Wyndham Casablanca Jakarta, Paolo Randone.

Paolo stated his commitment at the Jakarta Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Club at Wyndham Casablanca Jakarta on Wednesday (1/15) 2020. One of the communities initiated by marketing experts and MarkPlus, Inc. Founder & Chairman, Hermawan Kartajaya, consists of company leaders from marketing directors to CEOs from various industries and sectors.

Furthermore, the concept of sustainability is not just one-sided initiation. Because Paolo noticed that there was a trend of tourists staying at hotels because of their concern for the environment.

“If he considers that his hotel does not care about the environment, it will be immediately abandoned. So, there are business aspects that encourage us to do it and this must also be started by other hotels. Even companies outside the hotel industry,” he continued.

Something that can be implemented is to do the concept of reuse, repair, renew through the use of hotel property with recycling equipment. Because it is undeniable that the hotel is a wasteful industry, including non-recycled waste, from plastic to leftover food.

Now, Wyndham banning the use of balloons for any purpose, because the process of decomposition in nature is very long. In addition, there have been no more drinks in plastic bottles to hotel guests since the middle of last year.

“For food waste, we will farm catfish. We make leftover food for catfish feed, so that it is not wasted. There is no food waste. It might trivial, but that is the concept of sustainability. We take something from nature for business, but we return it back as something valuable, nothing is wasted. That circle is also what we want to educate to other parties, both the community and companies,” said Paolo.

This sustainable education was agreed by the Chairperson of the Indonesian Hospitality Industry Association (GIPI) Didin Junaedi. Even though it is difficult to put into practice and the awareness isn’t yet mass, Didin assessed that it is the time for hotel to start the concept of sustainability.

“It should have started in Indonesia. We hope that if hotel industry starts, it will trigger other sectors to follow. The concept of green hotels has been carried out by some hotel players in Indonesia, though it has not been maximized,” he commented.

According to Paolo, at least the concept of sustainable tourism still not leave the aspects of business and hospitality profits. That is precisely one of the steps of the tourism industry, especially hospitality to build long-term business.

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